Uzès – City of Art and History

First Duchy of France

Visible for miles around, the town is dominated by the King’s tower, the Bishop’s tower and the Ducal tower, the three powers that ruled daily life in the middle ages. It was under Charles IX that the count of Crussol was raised to the dignity of duke in 1556, and granted in 1572, the prestigious title and position of first peer of France.

The ducal family has lived in the Duchy for over a thousand years, represented today by Jacques de Crussol, seventeenth Duke of Uzès.

The real symbol of the town is the Fenestrelle tower, a vestige from the 12th century, standing proudly alongside the Saint-Théodorit cathedral. Built in the Lombard style, it is the only example of a round bell tower in France.

The cobbled streets, home to a rare collection of private mansions, and the many shaded and lively squares reveal the charm of this town and the richness of it heritage, allowing it to be listed a protected sector.  


Entertainment at its peak

Wednesday and Saturday mornings are the liveliest when the town hosts one of France’s finest markets. Stalls bursting with colour and local flavours fill the famous Place aux Herbes.

Lying at the foot of the town, the Eure valley generously unfurls its course. It was at its source that the Romans fed Nemausus (Nìmes) for five centuries.

In fact, this is where the monumental aqueduct begins, crossing 50km of scrubland and spanning the Gard river. The construction is symbolised by the Pont du Gard, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The history of Uzes continues to be enriched by the archaeological digs carried out by INRAP. Following the discovery of a Roman town and impressive mosaics dating from the 1st century BC, the latest preventive excavations have brought to light a very large megalithic enclosure (circle of monoliths). Of exceptional dimensions, this new discovery would indicate a major occupation from the end of the Bronze Age.


Uzès seems to be
constantly renewing

…, offering a unique and irresistible attraction at every period in its history. Even today, as in the age of Augustus, Uzès remains a holiday destination in a class of its own, where it’s good to live in peace and quiet, far from the stress and bustle of everyday life.

Unlike in the past, when Uzès was a distant land, today it is easily reached by car, high-speed train or plane from all over France and the rest of the world.

The South of France offers you a very high quality living environment, but few places offer you such a unique combination as the Gard Provençal, where the richness of its heritage, its history and its culture blend in perfect harmony. Everything seems to come together to delight the eye: a homogeneous architecture and bucolic landscapes, with roads lined with plane trees and dotted with hilltop villages, vineyards and olive oil mills. Each village cultivates its own charm and offers its own assets.

Pond du Gard

Particularly well-equipped
with shops of
all kinds

…, as well as medical, sporting and educational facilities, the region is very cosmopolitan. You can

enjoy large-scale, high-quality events throughout the year, such as the Nuits Musicales d’Uzès, a classical music festival, Uzès danse, a modern danse festival, the Truffle weekend and much more.

Not far away, Avignon holds its famous theater festival at the foot of the Popes’ palace, while Nîmes sets its Roman amphitheater alight with its férias and concerts by top international artists.

St Etienne